2,214 used Mercedes A180 have been price checked

2,214 used Mercedes A180 have been price checked

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Mercedes A180 is an incredibly popular medium sized family car

Considering getting a used hybrid car? Look no further than the Mercedes A180 - an excellent choice! AutoUncle present an impressive 2,385 options available on AutoUncle in the UK each one collected from an online marketplace or dealership website, which means you get almost a total overview of all available used Mercedes A180 for sale in the UK.

What is the price range for a used Mercedes A180?

The pricing range for a used Mercedes A180 model at AutoUncle will cater to a diverse selection of budgetary criteria. The listed prices for these pre-owned vehicles presently start as low as £7,695 and extend up to £24,998.

The price for the German car is determined by four main factors: what year the model is from, fuel economy of the car, how far the car has already travelled together with equipment.

For example, a younger car with fewer miles on the odometer will generally command a higher price. Similarly, higher-end models with more luxurious features or more powerful engines will also carry a higher price tag.

Equipment for Mercedes A180

The most popular equipment variants for the Mercedes A180 are:

The hatchback is a favoured body style for the Mercedes A180 in the UK

The Mercedes A180 comes in various body types, hatchback being the most popular. Hatchbacks are versatile compact cars that meld superb driving dynamics with a surprisingly spacious interior. Their popularity soars among city dwellers, given their fuel efficiency and ease of parking.

AutoUncle’s range of Mercedes A180 available by body type:

White is the most popular colour

The Mercedes A180 is obtainable in the following shades: white, black, grey, silver, red, blue, purple, yellow, green and brown.

The colour you will find the most for the Mercedes A180 on AutoUncle is white, as we have 573 cars available in that colour for the moment. Black is the second most popular colour with 532 cars available, and grey is the third most popular with 377 cars available.

Advantages and drawbacks of the colour white

White is a modern and popular colour for a car and the benefits of owning a white car are manifold. For instance, white cars excel at reflecting heat, effectively keeping the interior cooler on sweltering days. They also offer enhanced visibility on the road, particularly in low-light conditions or adverse weather. Additionally, white cars generally require less frequent maintenance compared to their darker counterparts, as minor imperfections are less conspicuous. However, white cars are susceptibility to dirt so it requires regular washing to look its best.

Other options relevant for you if your are reviewing a Mercedes A180

Within its class, the Mercedes A180 holds a fair level of popularity, with the following cars standing out as commendable substitutes for the Mercedes A180.

Competing cars for the Mercedes A180

  • Ford Focus
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • VW Golf VII

In the realm of medium sized family cars, the Ford Focus establishes itself as the prime contender for those in pursuit of a distinguished substitute to the Mercedes A180. There are 8,467 of this car for sale in the UK right now and the average selling price is £9,990.

The next best alternative car is the Vauxhall Corsa with 7,288 cars listed for sale featuring an average selling price of £7,998. As another advisable option AutoUncle present the VW Golf VII as the third best option for those looking for an excellent alternative to the Mercedes A180. You will find 5,112 used VW Golf VII cars for an average price of £14,490 on AutoUncle. .

Investigating greener options in place of the Mercedes A180?

Are you examining the Mercedes A180 but also reflecting on the prospect of going electric with your car choice? The Mercedes A180 hasn’t been released as an electric vehicle. But if your preference for the Mercedes A180 is not fixed then, we have some recommendations for electric car alternatives in the same category. Below are:

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