3,942 used Ford Custom have been price checked

3,942 used Ford Custom have been price checked

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Ford Custom is the topselling car in the United Kingdom

With several design awards, the Ford Custom offers fantastic driving comfort. AutoUncle has 3,894 used Ford Custom for sale in the United Kingdom, compiled from multiple dealership websites and online marketplaces, meaning you get to have nearly a full listing of all pre-owned Ford Custom for sale in the United Kingdom.

How much does a used Ford Custom cost?

The popular Ford Custom is being offered at different prices relying on primarily on four factors: what year the car is from, fuel efficiency of the car, how many miles it has travelled not to mention equipment.

The oldest and cheapest Ford Custom here on AutoUncleis available for £1,995, and the newest and most well-equipped model costs around £33,990.

Trim variants for Ford Custom

The latest generation of the Ford Custom, named TRANSIT CUSTOM, was introduced in 2014 and comes in the following trim levels:

When comparing the prices of used Ford Custom, it is essential that you exclusively compare with the prices of cars with a similar equipment variant and engine size. If not, you could come to a wrong decision on which car to buy.

You can save an average of £12,950 if you buy the least expensive equipment variant, called Trend+, compared with the most expensive Titanium.

The Ford Custom outperforms similar cars in fuel efficiency

An ordinary multi-purpose car in the UK drives 33 miles per gallon, but the latest generation of the Ford Custom outshines the average with a MPG of 44 miles.

In order to choose the right fuel type, you need to ask yourself the following questions: How many miles do you drive in a normal week? Do you take many short trips, or do you tend to drive long distances? If your car is mainly used for short trips or in the city, the best fit for you would probably be hybrid, electric cars.

But if you have a tendency to rack up a lot of miles, we would advise you to choose diesel. Note that certain countries have banned high-emission diesel engines from cities.

Choose from several fuel types

Selection of Ford Custom for sale on AutoUncle by fuel type:

The Ford Custom exists exclusively in the van body type

Vans are popular for commercial use, and you can usually convert a normal car into a van by removing a row of seats in the back.

A popular alternative to the American Ford Custom is the Ford Transit

While being extremely popular, the American Ford Custom has some competitors and among the most popular alternatives to the Ford Custom you will find the following cars.

Most popular choices as an alternative to the Ford Custom

  • Ford Transit
  • VW Transporter
  • Vauxhall Vivaro

The bestselling multi-purpose car and the best alternative to the Ford Custom is the Ford Transit. There are 4,029 of this car for sale in the UK right now and the average selling price is £ 16,990.

The 3rd most popular car within the segment is a VW Transporter. At AutoUncle you will find right now 2,557 of this car for sale. The fourth most popular car in the segment is a Vauxhall Vivaro with 2,170 cars for sale.