11 used Audi Cabriolet have been price checked

11 used Audi Cabriolet have been price checked

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Audi Cabriolet information

Interested in purchasing a used hybrid car? Then the German Audi Cabriolet is a good option. On AutoUncle, you can find 18 used Audi Cabriolets for sale in the UK. This aggregates listings from different online platforms and dealership websites, ensuring you have almost a full view of all available used Audi Cabriolet for sale in the nation.

The price of a used Audi Cabriolet

At AutoUncle, you'll find a diverse selection of used Audi Cabriolet models that accommodate a diverse selection of budgetary demands. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £995 and go up to £28,880.

The used car price for a Audi Cabriolet depends on four main factors: the year the model is from, the car's fuel consumption, car mileage not to mention the trim level of the car.

For instance, a younger model with less miles on the odometer, or higher-end models with more potent engines will typically fetch a higher price.

Equipment variants for Audi Cabriolet

The Audi Cabriolet comes in an assorted selection of trim options to suit varying driver preferences and needs. The most popular ones are:

In order to find the best sale price, it is crucial only comparing the offers of cars with the same engine and trim level. If not, you could end up reaching a wrong decision on which car to purchase.

The Audi Cabriolet is a popular choice among saloon cars in the UK

In the UK, the Audi Cabriolet is exclusively offered in the cabriolet body style. Cabrios and convertibles are a great way to add another dimension to the driving experience. Today, most cabrios can be driven year-round as the majority of models have really good hoods and weather gear. Beware that convertibles are typically heavier than normal cars. Because of the lack of roof, thickener is applied underneath the car to strengthen the chassis.

The bestselling colour is black

You can get the Audi Cabriolet in the following shades: black, white, purple, green, blue and grey.

AutoUncle currently offers a selection of 4 Audi Cabriolet models available in the black colour option for you to explore and choose from. White emerges as the second most preferred colour option, offering a selection of 3 cars, while purple is the third most popular shade with 1 car available.

Advantages and drawbacks of the colour black

Black is undeniably a classic and elegant colour. On the downside, it's easier to spot scratches and dents than it is on lighter colours. Furthermore, black cars tend to get quite warm during the summer..

Popular alternatives

There exist various similar cars to the Audi Cabriolet, and the following cars, in particular, serve as excellent alternatives to this small family car.

Well-liked options instead of the Audi Cabriolet

  • Ford Focus
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • VW Golf VII

With a selection of 8,467 available models on AutoUncle, the Ford Focus unequivocally positions itself as the leading alternative to the Audi Cabriolet. The Ford Focus has an average price tag of £9,990.

The Vauxhall Corsa ranks as the next favoured car, boasting an impressive 7,288 listings currently available for purchase with an average sales price of £7,998. Another good choice for an alternative car is the VW Golf VII with 5,112 cars for sale for the average price of £14,490. .

Looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to the Audi Cabriolet?

Are you looking at the Audi Cabriolet, but at the same time, is the idea of an electric car appealing to you? The Audi Cabriolet is not electrified. But should you be in the market for an electric vehicle in the same category as the Audi Cabriolet, these are some potential options:

Can't seem to locate an electric car that matches your needs?? Explore our entire assortment of electric cars here.