2,288 used Toyota Yaris have been price checked

2,288 used Toyota Yaris have been price checked

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Toyota Yaris has become a popular car in the UK

Considering getting a used hybrid car? Look no further than the Japanese Toyota Yaris - an excellent choice! Presenting an extraordinary 2,324 options on AutoUncle in the UK, gathered from online marketplaces and several dealership websites, which means you get close to a total listing of all available used Toyota Yaris for sale in the nation.

How much does a used Toyota Yaris cost?

The pricing range for a used Toyota Yaris model at AutoUncle will cater to an extensive variety of budgetary needs. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £2,250 and go up to £28,495.

The used car price for the Japanese car is dictated by four main factors: manufacturing year, fuel consumption, how many miles the car has travelled together with the vehicle's equipment variant.

For example, a newer model with fewer miles recorded, or a more luxurious variant with a powerful engine, typically commands a higher price.

Trim variants for Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris offers an array of trim levels, tailored to suit various driver predilections and needs. The most popular ones are:

When comparing the prices of used Toyota Yaris, it is important that you exclusively compare with the sale prices of cars with a similar engine and equipment. Otherwise, you might end up reaching a wrong conclusion on which car to acquire.

Hatchback is a popular body type for the Toyota Yaris

Hatchback is a favourite among drivers of the Toyota Yaris. Hatchbacks seamlessly combine compact design with impressive driving dynamics and practical space. Their fuel efficiency and ease of parking make them a favourite choice for city dwellers.

AutoUncle's selection of Toyota Yaris by body type:

The most popular colour is red

You can get the Toyota Yaris in the following colours: red, white, silver, blue, grey, black, turquoise, brown, green, orange, yellow and purple.

AutoUncle currently offers a selection of 387 Toyota Yaris models available in the red colour option for you to explore and choose from. White is the second most popular colour with 321 cars available, and silver is the third most popular with 302 cars available.

Positive and negative aspects of the colour red

One of the benefits are that it is a captivating and visually appealing shade, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts. Darker red shades effectively hide dirt and mud, leading to lower cleaning and maintenance needs than lighter shades of red. Furthermore, red cars are celebrated for their bold and unmistakable presence on the road, leaving an indelible mark.

One downside of darker red cars is that they may be less visible in low-light or at night, requiring proper lighting for safety. Minor scratches and imperfections on darker red cars may stand out more, requiring careful maintenance to keep their appearance. Finally, while red is a vibrant and attractive colour for many, personal preferences may vary, and some individuals may prefer more neutral hues.

Popular alternatives to the Japanese Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris enjoys slightly popular car within its segment, and among the most popular alternatives to the Toyota Yaris you will find the following cars.

Favored alternatives for the Toyota Yaris

  • Ford Fiesta
  • VW Polo
  • Peugeot 208

The top competitor to the Toyota Yaris is the Ford Fiesta. It has an average sale price of £7,999 and right now you can find 10,228 for sale on AutoUncle.

The VW Polo stands out as another popular car in the segment with a substantial selection of 5,499 vehicles currently on the market having an average price tag of £12,471. The Peugeot 208 is the third best alternative. There are currently 3,065 of this car for sale in the UK with an average sales price of £10,995. .

Considering an electric car?

Are you focused on the Toyota Yaris, but at the same time, is the idea of an electric car appealing to you? The Toyota Yaris hasn’t been released as an electric vehicle. But should you be in the market for an electric vehicle within the same car segment as the Toyota Yaris, here are some options for you:

Not satisfied with the electric car options you've seen? Check out our extensive selection of electric cars here.