1,840 used Suzuki Swift have been price checked

1,840 used Suzuki Swift have been price checked

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Suzuki Swift is a great small car

Are you thinking of getting a used hybrid car? Then the Suzuki Swift is a great choice. AutoUncle present an impressive 2,004 options available on AutoUncle in the UK. This aggregates listings from multiple online platforms and dealership websites, meaning you get to have nearly an exhaustive overview of all available used Suzuki Swift for sale in the nation.

What is the price of a used Suzuki Swift?

At AutoUncle, you'll find a diverse variety of used Suzuki Swift models that cater to a broad assortment of budgetary criteria. The listed prices for these pre-owned vehicles presently start as low as £2,650 and extend up to £17,654.

A pre-owned Suzuki Swift costs very different determined by primarily four factors: the year the model is from, the model's fuel consumption, vehicle mileage together with the trim level of the car.

For instance, a more recent model with lower mileage, or a luxury edition with a robust engine, usually garners a premium price.

Trim level for Suzuki Swift

The following equipment variants are the most populare ones for the Suzuki Swift:

In order to find the best sale price, it is crucial that you only compare with the offers of cars with a similar equipment variant and engine size. If you don't, you could end up reaching a wrong conclusion on which car to buy.

Hatchback or suv?

The Suzuki Swift comes in various body types, hatchback being the most popular. Hatchbacks seamlessly combine compact design with impressive driving dynamics and practical space. Their fuel efficiency and ease of parking make them a favourite choice for city dwellers.

Car owners prefer the Suzuki Swift in red

You can get the Suzuki Swift in the following colours: red, white, blue, black, silver, grey, orange, yellow, green and turquoise.

On AutoUncle you will find most Suzuki Swift in red, as we have 494 cars available in that colour for the moment. The second most popular colour is white with 263 cars available on AutoUncle, and the third most popular is blue with 227 cars available on AutoUncle.

Pluses and minuses of the colour red

One of the benefits are that it is a captivating and visually appealing shade, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts. Deeper red hues excel in masking dirt and mud, leading to decreased cleaning and maintenance needs when compared to lighter colours. Red cars are also known for their bold and distinctive style, making a statement on the road.

One downside of darker red cars is that they may be less visible in low-light or at night, requiring proper lighting for safety. Minor scratches and blemishes are more visible on darker red cars, needing careful maintenance for appearance. Lastly, it's worth noting that colour preferences are subjective, and some individuals may lean towards more neutral shades than red.

Commonly preferred options to the Japanese Suzuki Swift

Within its class, the Suzuki Swift holds a fair level of popularity, with the following cars standing out as commendable substitutes for the Suzuki Swift.

Competing cars for the Suzuki Swift

  • Ford Fiesta
  • VW Polo
  • Peugeot 208

The Ford Fiesta emerges as the foremost choice when seeking an exceptional alternative to the Suzuki Swift. It has an average sale price of £7,999 and right now you can find 10,228 for sale on AutoUncle.

The VW Polo emerges as a significant contender in the segment, boasting an inventory of 5,499 vehicles presently up for sale on AutoUncle with an average sales price of £12,471. The Peugeot 208 holds its ground as the third most attractive option with an average sales price of £10,995 and 3,065 units presently on offer in the UK. .

Evaluating the option of an electric car?

Are you eyeing up the Suzuki Swift yet also considering making the switch to an electric car? The Suzuki Swift hasn’t been released as an electric vehicle. But if you are flexible about choosing another car than Suzuki Swift then, we have a lineup of alternative electric cars to recommend in the same category. These represent:

Still struggling to find an electric car that fits your taste? Check out our extensive selection of electric cars here.