1,175 used Renault Clio V have been price checked

1,175 used Renault Clio V have been price checked

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Renault Clio V is an impressive car in the UK

Interested in getting a used hybrid car? Look no further than the French Renault Clio V - an excellent choice! Boasting an overwhelming 1,289 selections on AutoUncle in the UK each one sourced from an online marketplace or dealership website, ensuring you have almost a complete overview of all available used Renault Clio V for sale in the country.

How much does a used Renault Clio V cost?

At AutoUncle, you'll find a broad collection of used Renault Clio V models that cater to a spectrum of budgetary criteria. The listed prices for these pre-owned vehicles presently start as low as £9,975 and extend up to £19,400.

There exist four primary factors that decides what a used Renault Clio V costs: the year of manufacturing, the car's fuel efficiency, vehicle mileage not to mention equipment level.

For example, a newer model with low mileage or a premium version equipped with a high-performance engine generally demands a higher price.

Equipment for Renault Clio V

The Renault Clio V is accessible in a multitude of trim choices, catering to different driving tastes and requirements. The most popular ones are:

When assessing the price tags of second-hand Renault Clio V cars, it is important only comparing the sale prices of cars with the same engine and equipment. Otherwise, you may make a wrong conclusion on which car to acquire.

The Renault Clio V is popular in the hatchback body type

Hatchback is a favourite among drivers of the Renault Clio V. Hatchbacks are compact cars that offer a great driving experience, not to mention the flexibility of ample space. They’re fuel efficient and easy to park, which makes them popular with people living in cities.

Blue is the most sold colour

You can get the Renault Clio V in the following shades: blue, black, white, grey, red, orange and silver.

AutoUncle currently offers a selection of 246 Renault Clio V models available in the blue colour option for you to explore and choose from. The second most favoured colour choice is black with a selection of 225 cars, while white secures the third spot with 206 car available.

Positive and negative aspects of the colour blue

Blue cars, particularly those in darker shades, are celebrated for their enchanting allure. It imparts a sense of visual appeal, making it a popular choice among car buyers. Furthermore, the darker shades of blue are effective at hiding dirt and mud, requiring less frequent cleaning than lighter colours. Blue cars offer an excellent canvas for personalization. Owners can enhance their car's uniqueness with custom accents, detailing, or accessories.

Conversely, some of the disadvantages include. In dim or nocturnal conditions, darker blue cars may exhibit reduced visibility. It becomes imperative to employ adequate lighting and reflective elements for safety. Furthermore, darker blue shades may absorb more heat from sunlight, potentially leading to a warmer interior on hot days. Adequate cooling measures may be necessary.

Popular alternatives for those considering a Renault Clio V

Within its class, the Renault Clio V holds a fair level of popularity, with the following cars standing out as commendable substitutes for the Renault Clio V.

Top competitors to the Renault Clio V

  • Ford Fiesta
  • VW Polo
  • Peugeot 208

With a selection of 10,228 available models on AutoUncle, the Ford Fiesta unequivocally positions itself as the leading alternative to the Renault Clio V. The Ford Fiesta boasts an average price tag of £7,999.

The VW Polo is another popular car within the segment and you will find 5,499 cars for sale featuring an average selling price of £12,471. Another good choice for an alternative car is the Peugeot 208 with 3,065 cars for sale for the average price of £10,995. .

Looking for a more eco-friendly alternative?

Are you looking at the Renault Clio V whilst also considering a shift to an electric vehicle? The Renault Clio V is not electrified. But should you be in the market for an electric vehicle that matches the calibre of the Renault Clio V, these are some potential options:

Didn't find an electric car to your liking? Explore our entire assortment of electric cars here.