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Buy a used Peugeot iON

Considering getting a pre-owned hybrid car? Then the French Peugeot iON is a good option. There are 1 used Peugeot iONs currently available on AutoUncle.

What is the price of a used Peugeot iON?

A used Peugeot iON is priced at £4,195 on AutoUncle. The cost of a pre-owned Peugeot iON is determined by several factors. Key contributing elements include year, fuel consumption of the model, how many miles it has travelled not to mention how much equipment the car has.

For example, a younger car with fewer miles on the odometer typically costs more. Likewise, models at the premium end with luxurious features or potent engines tend to come with a more substantial price tag.

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly common sight on the roads

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK due to their environmental benefits, cost-effectiveness in terms of fuel and maintenance, and the government's commitment to reducing carbon emissions, which includes incentives for electric vehicle buyers. The utilisation of electric vehicles such as the Peugeot iON plays a significant role in progressing towards more eco-conscious and sustainable transport alternatives.

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Pros of acquiring a second-hand electric car

There are a lot of benefits of buying an electric car used. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Lower purchase price: Used electric vehicles (EVs) are generally more affordable than new ones. This more affordable rate opens up electric vehicle technology to a broader spectrum of consumers.

  2. Environmental impact: Choosing a used EV over a new one further reduces environmental impact. The process of building a new vehicle, especially the battery, entails a significant emission of carbon. Investing in a used car indicates you're not furthering this environmental impact.

  3. Improved battery life: The concern about battery life in EVs has lessened as technology has improved. Many previously owned electric vehicles have a considerable amount of their battery life intact, and the costs for battery replacements are reducing.

  4. Performance and technology: Many of the current electric cars feature exceptional performance and advanced technology. Vehicles from a few years past can still provide a driving experience filled with the latest tech features.

  5. Government incentives: Despite being less than what is offered for new electric cars, there could still be governmental benefits available for second-hand electric vehicles, like reduced car tax and admittance to areas with low emissions.

The Peugeot iON only exists in the hatchback body configuration

In the UK, the Peugeot iON is exclusively offered in the hatchback body style. Hatchbacks are versatile compact cars that meld superb driving dynamics with a surprisingly spacious interior. Their popularity soars among city dwellers, given their fuel efficiency and ease of parking.

Popular alternatives

There are some similar cars to the Peugeot iON, and the following cars in particular are good alternatives to the electric Peugeot iON.

Top competitors to the Peugeot iON

  • Ford Focus
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • VW Golf VII

The top competitor to the Peugeot iON is the Ford Focus. There are 8,467 of this car for sale in the UK right now and the average selling price is £9,990.

The Vauxhall Corsa stands out as another popular car in the segment with a substantial selection of 7,288 vehicles currently on the market having an average price tag of £7,998. Another good choice for an alternative car is the VW Golf VII with 5,112 cars for sale for the average price of £14,490. .

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