540 used Peugeot Expert have been price checked

540 used Peugeot Expert have been price checked

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Peugeot Expert is a great car in the UK

Are you thinking of getting a used hybrid car? Then the Peugeot Expert is an excellent option. In total, there are 624 used Peugeot Experts for sale on AutoUncle in the UK each one sourced from an online marketplace or dealership website, meaning you get close to an exhaustive listing of all available used Peugeot Expert for sale in the UK.

The price of a used Peugeot Expert

At AutoUncle, you'll find a diverse selection of used Peugeot Expert models that cater to a diverse selection of budgetary criteria. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £3,695 and go up to £25,950.

There exist four main elements that have an impact on what a pre-owned Peugeot Expert might cost: the year the model is from, fuel consumption of the car, vehicle mileage along with the vehicle's equipment variant.

For example, a younger car with fewer miles on the odometer will generally command a higher price. Likewise, models at the higher end boasting luxurious features or more powerful engines tend to come with a heftier price tag.

Peugeot Expert equipment variant

The most popular equipment variants for the Peugeot Expert are:

While evaluating the cost of a pre-owned Peugeot Expert, it's crucial to evaluate vehicles with equivalent engines and accessories. If you don't, you might draw an inaccurate conclusion about which car to acquire.

The Peugeot Expert only exists in the van body configuration

The Peugeot Expert only exists in the van body type in the UK. Vans are a popular choice for commercial purposes. Vans offer unmatched utility and space, serving a wide range of transport requirements from deliveries to tradesmen services and other specialised roles.

The British motorists prefer the Peugeot Expert in white

You can get the Peugeot Expert in the following colours: white, grey, silver, black, red, gold, blue, brown and yellow.

On AutoUncle you will find most Peugeot Expert in white, as we have 420 cars available in that colour for the moment. Grey emerges as the second most preferred colour option, offering a selection of 98 cars, while silver is the third most popular shade with 69 car available.

Strengths and weaknesses of the colour white

White unquestionably exudes an air of elegance and timelessness, and it boasts its unique set of advantages. For example, white cars tend to reflect heat more effectively, keeping the interior cooler during hot weather. However, it's important to bear in mind that white is more prone to showing dirt, making regular washing a necessity to preserve both its immaculate appearance and the cooling benefits it offers within the cabin.

Other options relevant for you if your are reviewing a Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert is quite well-liked in its segment, and the following cars, in particular, serve as excellent alternatives to this MPV.

Alternative cars to the Peugeot Expert

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Custom
  • VW Transporter

The Ford Transit takes the lead as the top selection when looking for an outstanding substitute for the Peugeot Expert. There are 6,320 of this car for sale in the UK right now and the average selling price is £14,490.

The Ford Custom ranks as the next favoured car, boasting an impressive 4,186 listings currently available for purchase with an average sales price of £16,995. Another good choice for an alternative car is the VW Transporter with 2,325 cars for sale for the average price of £26,995. .

Looking for a more eco-friendly alternative?

Are you eyeing up the Peugeot Expert, but at the same time, is the idea of an electric car appealing to you? The Peugeot Expert is not electrified. But if your preference for the Peugeot Expert is not fixed then, we have a few electric car options to consider within the same segment. This list includes:

Still struggling to find an electric car that fits your taste? Explore our entire assortment of electric cars here.