1,649 used Citroën Berlingo have been price checked

1,649 used Citroën Berlingo have been price checked

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Citroën Berlingo has become a popular multi-purpose car

Considering purchasing a used hybrid car? Then the Citroën Berlingo is a great option. At AutoUncle, we've compiled a comprehensive collection of 2,226 pre-owned Citroën Berlingo vehicles available in the UK. This aggregates listings from several online platforms and dealership websites, ensuring you have nearly an exhaustive overview of all available used Citroën Berlingo for sale in the nation.

How much is a pre-owned Citroën Berlingo worth?

The pricing range for a used Citroën Berlingo model at AutoUncle will cater to a diverse selection of budgetary criteria. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £3,299 and go up to £21,827.

The cost of a pre-owned Citroën Berlingo is determined by several factors. Key contributing elements include the year, fuel economy, how many miles the car has travelled and how much equipment the car has.

For example, a younger car with fewer miles on the odometer typically costs more. Likewise, models at the premium end with luxurious features or potent engines tend to come with a more substantial price tag.

Equipment level for Citroën Berlingo

The following equipment variants are the most populare ones for the Citroën Berlingo:

When comparing the prices of used Citroën Berlingo, it is essential only comparing the sale prices of cars with a similar engine and trim level. Otherwise, you could make a wrong decision on which car to acquire.

A popular body type for the Citroën Berlingo is the mpv

In the UK, the Citroën Berlingo is exclusively offered in the mpv body style. MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle. It resembles a modern bus for a family. This is the biggest model on the market, making it a great fit for consumers who need many seats as well as space for luggage.

White is the most popular colour

The Citroën Berlingo is offered in the following shades: white, grey, black, blue, silver, red, green, brown, beige and gold.

You'll discover a significant number of Citroën Berlingo models in the white colour option on AutoUncle, with a current inventory of 1,011 cars available in this shade. The second most popular colour is grey with 467 cars available, and the third one is black with 195 cars available.

Pluses and minuses of the colour white

White unquestionably exudes an air of elegance and timelessness, and it boasts its unique set of advantages. For example, white cars have the advantage of effectively reflecting heat, which keeps the interior cooler on scorching summer days. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that white is more susceptible to dirt, necessitating regular washing to maintain its pristine appearance and the benefits of a cooler cabin.

Commonly preferred alternatives

The Citroën Berlingo is quite well-liked in its segment, with the following cars standing out as commendable substitutes for the Citroën Berlingo.

Most popular alternatives to the Citroën Berlingo

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Custom
  • VW Transporter

With a current inventory of 6,320 available models on AutoUncle, the Ford Transit firmly establishes itself as the premier alternative to the Citroën Berlingo. The Ford Transit boasts an average price tag of £14,490.

In the segment, the Ford Custom notably captures attention as a preferred choice, presenting a considerable array of 4,186 units presently available for acquisition with an average sales price of £16,995. The VW Transporter is the third best alternative. There are currently 2,325 of this car for sale in the UK with an average sales price of £26,995. .

Weighing up the benefits of an electric car?

Are you eyeing up the Citroën Berlingo yet also pondering a shift to an electric vehicle? The Citroën Berlingo hasn't been electrified. But if you are flexible about choosing another car than Citroën Berlingo then, we have a few electric car options to consider in the same category. Featured here are:

Not satisfied with the electric car options you've seen? Check out our extensive selection of electric cars here.