62 used Peugeot Bipper have been price checked

62 used Peugeot Bipper have been price checked

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Detailed information about the Peugeot Bipper

Considering purchasing a used hybrid car? Look no further than the French Peugeot Bipper - an excellent choice! AutoUncle has 86 used Peugeot Bippers for sale in the UK, sourced from online marketplaces and different dealership websites, providing you with almost a full overview of all available used Peugeot Bipper for sale in the country.

The price of a used Peugeot Bipper

At AutoUncle, you'll find a diverse selection of used Peugeot Bipper models that accommodate a wide range of budgetary criteria. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £1,750 and go up to £8,495.

The French car costs very different relying on mainly four factors: the year the model is from, fuel consumption of the car, how much the car's odometer reads as well as the equipment level of the car.

For example, a car that's younger with fewer miles on the odometer will typically cost more. Likewise, models at the higher end boasting luxurious features or more powerful engines tend to come with a higher price tag.

Peugeot Bipper equipment options

The most popular equipment variants for the Peugeot Bipper are:

When assessing the price of a used Peugeot Bipper, it's essential to analyze vehicles having the same powertrains and gear. Otherwise, you might draw an inaccurate conclusion about which car to purchase.

The Peugeot Bipper only exists in the mpv body configuration

In the UK, the Peugeot Bipper is exclusively offered in the mpv body style. MPV, an acronym for Multi-Purpose Vehicle, can be likened to a contemporary family bus. As one of the most spacious models available, it's ideal for those seeking extensive seating combined with abundant luggage room.

Customers prefer the Peugeot Bipper in white

The Peugeot Bipper is offered in the following colours: white, blue, grey, red and green.

The colour you will find the most for the Peugeot Bipper on AutoUncle is white and we currently have 52 cars for sale in that colour. Blue emerges as the second most preferred colour option, offering a selection of 13 cars, while grey is the third most popular shade with 13 car available.

Pluses and minuses of the colour white

White is the bestselling colour and the benefits of owning a white car are manifold. For example, white cars tend to reflect heat more effectively, which helps keep the interior cooler during hot weather, white cars are often more visible on the road, especially in low-light conditions or adverse weather and they may require less frequent compared to darker colours, as minor imperfections are less noticeable. Conversely, white cars tend to show dirt more readily and demands regular cleaning to maintain its pristine appearance.

Popular alternatives for those reviewing a Peugeot Bipper

The Peugeot Bipper has several competing cars from the same segment, and the following cars in particular are good alternatives to the used Peugeot Bipper.

Preferred alternatives to the Peugeot Bipper

  • Ford Focus
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • VW Golf VII

With a current inventory of 8,467 available models on AutoUncle, the Ford Focus firmly establishes itself as the premier alternative to the Peugeot Bipper. The Ford Focus has an average price tag of £9,990.

The Vauxhall Corsa emerges as a significant contender in the segment, boasting an inventory of 7,288 vehicles presently up for sale on AutoUncle with an average sales price of £7,998. The VW Golf VII is the third best alternative. There are currently 5,112 of this car for sale in the UK with an average sales price of £14,490. .

In pursuit of a more sustainable counterpart to the Peugeot Bipper?

Are you looking at the Peugeot Bipper but at the same time considering making the switch to an electric vehicle? The Peugeot Bipper hasn’t been released as an electric vehicle. But if you are looking for an electric car within the car segment C-segment just like the Peugeot Bipper, here are some options for you:

Still struggling to find an electric car that fits your taste? See all our available electric cars here.

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