1,109 used Mercedes C200 have been price checked

1,109 used Mercedes C200 have been price checked

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Mercedes C200 has become a popular electric large sized family car

Are you thinking of buying a used large sized family car? Then the Mercedes C200 is an excellent option. On AutoUncle, you can find 2,962 used Mercedes C200 for sale in the UK, gathered from online marketplaces and different dealership websites, which means you get to have nearly a full overview of all used Mercedes C200 for sale in the country.

What is the cost of a pre-owned Mercedes C200

The price for a Mercedes C200 is influenced by four primary factors: its year, fuel consumption of the car, how many miles it has travelled together with equipment level.

The oldest and cheapest Mercedes C200 here on AutoUncleis available for £995, and the newest and most well-equipped model costs around £34,990.

A popular body type for the Mercedes C200 is the coupe

Range of Mercedes C200 for sale on AutoUncle by body type:

Coupe is the preferred body type amongst drivers of the Mercedes C200 As a body type, the coupe prioritises style and sporty driving. This body type usually has a tighter and stronger chassis than a sedan or an SUV, and the model is well-suited to people without children and others who travel light. Coupes tend to be more expensive than their sedan or hatchback sister models.

The Mercedes C200 is more eco-friendly than similar cars

An ordinary large sized family car in the United Kingdom drives 38 miles per gallon, but the latest generation of the Mercedes C200 outdoes the average and drives an average of 45 miles on one gallon of petrol.

White is the most popular colour

You can get the recent generation of Mercedes C200 in 7 different shades and they are white, silver, black, grey, red, blue and beige.

The colour white is the most commonly preferred option and AutoUncle has 16 cars for sale in that colour at the moment.

White is the bestselling colour, but beware that it has some disadvantages. For one, white cars have a tendency to attract dirt, which means that you need to wash them regularly to keep them looking their best.

Silver is the second most popular colour with 9 cars available, and black is the third most popular with 8 cars available.

Audi A4 is a popular alternative to the German Mercedes C200

The Mercedes C200 is a mildly popular car within its segment and the following cars in particular are good alternatives to the Mercedes C200.

Top competitors to the Mercedes C200

  • Audi A4
  • BMW 320
  • Mercedes C220
  • Audi A5

The bestselling large family car and a popular alternative to the Mercedes C200 is the Audi A4. There are 6,609 of this car for sale in the UK right now and the average selling price is £ 22,736.

The 2nd best selling car is the BMW 320 with 6,338 cars for sale, and the Mercedes C220 is the 3rd most popular car in the segment and thus also a good alternative. There are currently 4,338 of this car for sale in the UK.