122 used Honda Accord have been price checked

122 used Honda Accord have been price checked

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Looking for a used Honda Accord at an unbeatable price?

Considering the Japanese Honda Accord? There are 132 used Honda Accords currently available on AutoUncle each one collected from an online marketplace or dealership website, meaning you get almost a complete listing of all available pre-owned Honda Accord for sale in the nation.

What is the price of a used Honda Accord?

The pricing range for a used Honda Accord model at AutoUncle will accommodate an extensive variety of budgetary criteria. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £695 and go up to £9,295.

A pre-owned Honda Accord can cost different determined by mainly four factors: the year of manufacture, fuel efficiency, vehicle mileage as well as how much equipment the car has.

For example, a newer model with fewer miles recorded, or a more luxurious variant with a powerful engine, typically commands a higher price.

Equipment level for Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is accessible in two different equipment options:

While evaluating the cost of a pre-owned Honda Accord, it's crucial to analyze vehicles having the same powertrains and gear. If not, you might draw an inaccurate conclusion about which car to buy.

One of the most popular body types for the Honda Accord is sedan

Out of the Honda Accord’s various body types, sedan is the most popular. Usually fitted with four doors, the saloon or sedan body type has been popular with families for a long time. With its versatile design, the saloon caters to a range of needs, from daily commutes to longer journeys, and remains a symbol of elegance and practicality in the automotive world.

AutoUncle’s range of Honda Accord available by body type:

Silver is the most popular colour

You can get the Honda Accord in the following shades: silver, grey, black, blue, white, red and green.

On AutoUncle, you can currently find an inventory of 30 Honda Accord models in the silver colour option, presenting a substantial selection to choose from. The second most popular colour is grey with 12 cars available on AutoUncle, and the third most popular is black with 11 cars available on AutoUncle.

Pros and cons of the colour silver

The great thing about silver is that it requires less washing and cleaning, as it can be quite hard to spot dirt and mud. Additionally, this shade proves forgiving when it comes to minor scratches and dings, as they tend to be less noticeable on silver vehicles. A downside to a silver-coloured car is its ubiquity, rendering it less noticeable and more difficult to spot in congested areas like car parks.

Commonly preferred alternatives

The Honda Accord has multiple competing cars from the same segment, with the following cars standing out as commendable substitutes for the Honda Accord.

Popular alternatives to the Honda Accord

  • Audi A4
  • Mercedes C220
  • BMW 320

With a selection of 3,499 available models on AutoUncle, the Audi A4 unequivocally positions itself as the leading alternative to the Honda Accord. The Audi A4 has an average price tag of £16,495.

The Mercedes C220 stands out as another popular car in the segment with a substantial selection of 3,316 vehicles currently on the market having an average price tag of £13,990. As another advisable option AutoUncle present the BMW 320 as the third best option for those looking for an excellent alternative to the Honda Accord. You will find 3,159 used BMW 320 cars for an average price of £15,995 on AutoUncle. .

Looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to the Honda Accord?

Are you examining the Honda Accord whilst also deliberating on making the switch to an electric car? The Honda Accord hasn’t transitioned to electric. But should you be in the market for an electric vehicle that matches the calibre of the Honda Accord, these are some potential options:

Didn't find an electric car to your liking? Explore our entire assortment of electric cars here.

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