83 used Citroën DS5 have been price checked

83 used Citroën DS5 have been price checked

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Citroën DS5 information

Interested in buying a used hybrid car? Then the Citroën DS5 is a popular choice. In total, there are 77 used Citroën DS5s for sale on AutoUncle in the UK, collected from online marketplaces and different dealership websites, which means you get more or less a complete view of all available used Citroën DS5 for sale in the UK.

The price of a used Citroën DS5

The pricing range for a used Citroën DS5 model at AutoUncle will accommodate a spectrum of budgetary needs. Currently, the prices for these pre-owned vehicles start at £4,995 and go up to £19,488.

The cost of a pre-owned Citroën DS5 is determined by several factors. Key contributing elements include the year of manufacture, fuel economy, mileage as well as trim level.

For example, a newer model with fewer miles recorded, or a more luxurious variant with a powerful engine, typically commands a higher price.

Many consumers like the Citroën DS5 in the hatchback body type

The Citroën DS5 is only offered in the hatchback body type in the UK. Hatchbacks are quite compact and offer a great driving experience as well as ample space. Their fuel efficiency makes them popular with people living in cities, and another key selling point is that they’re easy to park.

Black is the most popular choice of colour

You can get the Citroën DS5 in the following colours: black, grey, white, silver, brown, blue and purple.

On AutoUncle you will find most Citroën DS5 in the colour black and we currently have 15 cars for sale in that colour. Grey emerges as the second most preferred colour option, offering a selection of 13 cars, while white is the third most popular shade with 13 car available.

Positive aspects and things to weigh up about the colour black

Black is undeniably a classic and elegant colour. One notable disadvantage is that scratches and dents are more visible on black cars than on lighter ones. Furthermore, during the summer season, they tend to accumulate and retain heat, making them noticeably warmer..

Popular alternatives for those reviewing a Citroën DS5

Several vehicles that are similar to the Citroën DS5 are available, and the following cars in particular are good alternatives to the large family car.

Favored alternatives for the Citroën DS5

  • Audi A4
  • Mercedes C220
  • BMW 320

With a current inventory of 3,499 available models on AutoUncle, the Audi A4 firmly establishes itself as the premier alternative to the Citroën DS5. The Audi A4 has an average price tag of £16,495.

Another alternative car is the Mercedes C220 with 3,316 cars currently for sale with an average sales price of £13,990. Another good choice for an alternative car is the BMW 320 with 3,159 cars for sale for the average price of £15,995. .

Considering more environmentally sound choices to the Citroën DS5?

Are you interested in the Citroën DS5 but also reflecting on the prospect of going electric with your car choice? The Citroën DS5 is not available as an electric car. But if your preference for the Citroën DS5 is not fixed then, we've got a few electric car alternatives to propose in the same car segment. This list includes:

Not satisfied with the electric car options you've seen? Browse our full range of electric cars here.

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