1 used Citroën C15 have been price checked

1 used Citroën C15 have been price checked

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Citroën C15 information

Interested in purchasing a used hybrid car? Look no further than the French Citroën C15 - an excellent choice! There are 4 used Citroën C15s currently available on AutoUncle.

What is the price of a used Citroën C15?

A second-hand Citroën C15 on AutoUncle generally sells for around £6,500. A used Citroën C15 is being offered at different prices depending on primarily four factors: the year, fuel economy of the model, how far the car has already travelled as well as trim level.

For instance, a more recent model with lower mileage, or a luxury edition with a robust engine, usually garners a premium price.

Many consumers like the Citroën C15 in the van body type

The Citroën C15 is only available in the van body type in the UK. Vans are popular for commercial use. The modularity of a van often allows for custom interior configurations, catering to specific needs such as refrigerated transport or mobile workshops. In essence, the versatility of vans makes them indispensable in a variety of transport and commercial roles.

Other cars similar to the French Citroën C15

There exist various possible competitors to the Citroën C15, and the following cars, in particular, serve as excellent alternatives to this MPV.

Popular alternatives to the Citroën C15

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Custom
  • VW Transporter

The Ford Transit takes the lead as the top selection when looking for an outstanding substitute for the Citroën C15. At present, there are a total of 6,320 Ford Transit vehicles available for sale in the UK, featuring an average sales price of £14,490.

In the segment, the Ford Custom notably captures attention as a preferred choice, presenting a considerable array of 4,186 units presently available for acquisition with an average sales price of £16,995. The VW Transporter is the third best alternative. There are currently 2,325 of this car for sale in the UK with an average sales price of £26,995. .

Evaluating the option of an electric car?

Are you contemplating the Citroën C15 whilst also considering the switch to an electric vehicle? The Citroën C15 hasn’t transitioned to electric. But if you are looking for an electric car within the same car segment as the Citroën C15, these are some potential options:

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