5 used Audi Coupé have been price checked

5 used Audi Coupé have been price checked

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Are you in the market for a used Audi Coupé?

Interested in buying a used hybrid car? Look no further than the German Audi Coupé - an excellent choice! AutoUncle has 5 used Audi Coupés for sale in UK.

What is the price of a used Audi Coupé?

The typical cost of a pre-owned Audi Coupé on AutoUncle stands at £3,695. The cost of a pre-owned Audi Coupé is determined by several factors. Key contributing elements include year, the car's fuel efficiency, number of miles together with equipment variant.

As an example, a newer model with fewer miles covered, or a high-end version boasting a potent engine, often fetches a top-tier price.

Equipment variants for Audi Coupé

The Audi Coupé features one equipment variant titled the Audi Coupé Black Edition, which has an average price of £11,995.

When assessing the price tags of second-hand Audi Coupé cars, it is essential that you exclusively compare with the offers of cars with the same equipment variant and engine size. If you don't, you could reach a wrong decision on which car to acquire.

The Audi Coupé is solely produced as a coupe

The Audi Coupé only exists in the coupe body type in the UK. Style and sporty driving take centre stage in a coupe, and this body type tends to have a tighter and stronger chassis than, for example, a sedan or an SUV. The model is best suited for people without children and others who travel light. It is usually more expensive than equivalent sedan or hatchback sister models.

Silver is the colour of choice for most people

You can get the Audi Coupé in the following colours: silver, red, black and blue.

On AutoUncle you will find most Audi Coupé in the colour silver, as we have 1 cars available in that colour for the moment. Red emerges as the second most preferred colour option, offering a selection of 1 cars, while black is the third most popular shade with 1 car available.

Positive and negative aspects of the colour silver

Silver cars often excel in concealing dirt and mud, resulting in reduced cleaning and washing needs. In addition, silver cars may have better resale value, as they appeal to a broad range of buyers due to their neutral and timeless colour. The pitfall of a silver-coloured car lies in its widespread popularity, leading to less distinction and increased difficulty in identifying it in packed places like car parks.

Alternative options for those considering a Audi Coupé

Several vehicles that are similar to the Audi Coupé are available, with the following cars standing out as commendable substitutes for the Audi Coupé.

Popular alternatives to the Audi Coupé

  • Audi TT
  • BMW 420
  • Mazda MX5

With a current inventory of 1,557 available models on AutoUncle, the Audi TT firmly establishes itself as the premier alternative to the Audi Coupé. The Audi TT has an average price tag of £14,295.

In the segment, the BMW 420 notably captures attention as a preferred choice, presenting a considerable array of 1,492 units presently available for acquisition with an average sales price of £17,889. Another recommended alternative is Mazda MX5 with 732 cars for sale an average price tag of £10,995. .

Pondering the adoption of an electric car?

Are you examining the Audi Coupé, but also thinking about the switch to electric motoring? The Audi Coupé hasn't been electrified. But if you are flexible about choosing another car than Audi Coupé then, we have some recommendations for electric car alternatives in the same category. Here we have:

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