1 used Audi 80 have been price checked

1 used Audi 80 have been price checked

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Get a used Audi 80

Considering purchasing a used hybrid car? Then the German Audi 80 is a popular decision. In total, there are 2 used Audi 80 for sale on AutoUncle in the UK.

The cost of a pre-owned Audi 80

The average price of a used Audi 80 on AutoUncle is £2,450. There exist four main parameters that affect what a used Audi 80 costs: the year, fuel economy of the car, how far the car has travelled together with trim level.

For example, a newer model with fewer miles recorded, or a more luxurious variant with a powerful engine, typically commands a higher price.

Equipment for Audi 80

The following equipment variants are the most populare ones for the Audi 80:

When reviewing the price points of used Audi 80 cars, it is important that you exclusively compare with the prices of cars with a similar engine and equipment. If not, you may reach a wrong conclusion on which car to buy.

The Audi 80 only exists in the sedan body configuration

The Audi 80 only comes in the sedan body type in the UK. Their four-door design means that saloons and sedans have long been popular with families. The distinct boot compartment ensures that luggage and other items are securely stored, away from the passenger cabin.

Customers prefer the Audi 80 in silver

The Audi 80 is accessible in the following shades: silver and green.

The most popular colour choice for the Audi 80 is silver and there are 1 cars in that colour available on AutoUncle right now. Green is the second most popular colour with 1 cars available.

Benefits and limitations of the colour silver

The great thing about silver is that it requires less washing and cleaning, as it can be quite hard to spot dirt and mud. Silver cars tend to conceal dirt and mud quite effectively, reducing the need for frequent washing and cleaning. Additionally, silver vehicles often have better resistance to minor scratches and imperfections, helping to maintain their pristine appearance over time. One disadvantage of having a silver-coloured car is its prevalence, which makes it less unique and more challenging to find in busy areas such as parking lots.

Popular alternatives to the German Audi 80

The Audi 80 faces stiff competition within its segment, and the following cars in particular are good alternatives to the used Audi 80.

Recommended alternatives to the Audi 80

  • Audi A6
  • Vauxhall Insignia
  • BMW 520

For those exploring alternatives to the Audi 80, the Audi A6 distinguishes itself as the leading option. There are 2,214 of this car for sale in the UK right now and the average selling price is £22,700.

The Vauxhall Insignia emerges as a significant contender in the segment, boasting an inventory of 2,206 vehicles presently up for sale on AutoUncle with an average sales price of £7,990. The BMW 520 holds its ground as the third most attractive option with an average sales price of £18,860 and 1,791 units presently on offer in the UK. .

Seeking an Audi 80 alternative with a smaller carbon footprint?

Are you eyeing up the Audi 80, but at the same time, is the idea of an electric car appealing to you? The Audi 80 is not electrified. But if the Audi 80 not is your definitive choice then, we have a few electric car options to consider of the same car segment, the E-segment. These are:

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